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Zurika typeface
Zurika typeface specimen
Zurika typeface character set


Released June 2011

Designed by Michael Parson


Opentype typeface

Available in 2 styles


Family price: $29.00

Single weight $19.00


Language Support

ISO Latin-1

Afrikaans, Albanian, Breton, Catalan, Danish, English, Faroese, Galician, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Kurdish, Latin, Leonese, Luxembourgish, Norwegian, Occitan, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Walloon, Basque



The Zurika typeface was inspired by some lettering that I saw on a bar wall in the swiss city of Zurich. Far from the regular, boring script style most of the boards feature, on this occasion, the bar obviously had an inspired employee who had drawn a series of beautiful curves. The letter closest to this original script would be the capital A. Zurika is a quirky, playful handwritten design that is well suited for use in large sizes to showcase the finer details of each letter. The overall design of this alphabete is a mix of a unicase styling and traditional uppercase and lowercase with a large host of ascenders and descenders that allow the designer to mix the letterforms for even more layout options.



Decorative, Fluid, Fun, Funky, Handwritten, Jazz, Kids, Ligature, Music, Original, Play,

Retro, Script

Discretionary ligatures

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Zurika typeface

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Zurika typeface text sample
Zurika Regular

Zurika Regular

Zurika Bold

Zurika typeface - Designed by Michael Parson - Typogama type foundry
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