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EULA's, or End User Licence Agreements are not generally greeted as positive by users, and we think this is a pity.


We know most people tend to skim through contracts but we would like you to take some time, short we promise, to read through these elements so you understand the application but also limits of our products.


We simply believe that we, as designers, should be allowed to be paid for the products and services we offer, in exchange to which, we hope to offer super products for you, the end user, to enjoy!


Here are 4 simple guidelines to follow as a base for our EULA's.

Four basic rules of licencing
Rule 1
You are a typeface user, not owner

Buying font allows you, as the End User, to use the typeface design in your creations, you do not however, become the owner of the typeface. Much like with the recording of a song, by purchasing a font, you purchase the right to use that typeface but you are not allowed to resell, distribute or share the design.

When installing a font, check if you have a licence

A good rule of thumb before using a typeface is to check whether you have a valid licence. Whether you are working on your own computer or that of a company, please check that you are up to scratch on the EULA side.

Rule 2
Rule 3
If you are not certain, contact the foundry

When in doubt, the best is always to contact the foundry that is distributing the typeface to check if the licence covers your needs. Obviously we cannot vouch for other foundries but our experiences have so far been very positive, type people are generally friendly people, so feel free to ask!

Don't beg, borrow or steal

We know students love to share; and when it is hugs or love, that is super! However, when we see our fonts shared on website or forums, we are less happy. It is great that people love our designs but don't you also think we should therefore be allowed to earn some sort of living from that work?

Before sharing or begging, try contacting us if you need a certain typeface from our catalgoue but have some budget questions, maybe we can find a solution where we will both be happy...

Rule 4
For respectful business, let's be respectful of creation!
Respect Copyright
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