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You will find some of our designs are provided for free since we feel that you would enjoy playing aorund with them, whether you are making a birthday card, a personal mixtape compliation cover or a background for your new computer. We are more than happy to provide some cool tools but we do it in the spirit that you will be using or free products for non commercial work. 


If you want to use any free stuff for your commercial jobs, please contact use so that we can provide you a full licence. We try and offer some tools, please try respect our terms.

Non-commercial EULA Typogama
What is OK
Typogama EULA OK

Our free contract is aimed at any creative person, whether they are professionals or students, that want to use our creations in their non commercial projects.


By commercial, we mean any content or publication that is created for profit. So if you want to design your own Birthday card or poster for a friend, fine! If you want to promote your new product or event, then that is commercial.


Obviously, like our other typefaces, you may not distribute, sell or share this design; it is provided for free so we don't want other sales points, thanks!

What is NOT OK
Typogama EULA Not OK

You probably get the point by now, simply put, keep our free stuff for your fun projects and personal adventures. If you have a commercial venture where you feel our free fonts would suit, then please contact us so that we can provide you with a valid licence.


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