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Typogama Custom typeface designs

Many of our typeface creations started out as custom projects for clients, often for logo purposes. While we do love working on the hundreds of font ideas we have buzzing around, it is also great to be able to collaborate with clients or other designers who need personalized type solutions. 


Contact us to have a chat about any projects you may have and we would be happy to assist!

Custom type design and requests

For any questions, feel free to email:

Postal Address

Typogama / Parson Research

6 Rue de Fribourg, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland


+41 (0)79 476 22 75

Quean typeface  (logo design)

Tcho typeface (logo design)

Typogama Custom typeface designs

Jynze (logo design)

Morocco typeface (logo design)

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