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We often hear similar questions being asked about our typefaces or work in general so you will find the most common requests on this page, maybe they can help with your query..

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I want to install your fonts on more than 4 computers, what should I do?


If you wish to install our fonts on more than 4 work stations, you will need an extended licence. Please contact us for a price quote.

I want to buy a few typefaces, do you offer any rebates?


We have already compiled some typefaces together into packages that we feel offer a good diversity or mix of styles; please look under Typeface packages for more information.

If you have a special request or order you would like to place, please contact us directly to see what we can offer.

I need some extra glyphs or custom letters in one of your fonts, can I do the changes myself?


Our licences do not currently allow you to modify the fonts, however you can contact us for a price quote for any modifications or custom solutions you may need.

How do I install my typefaces?


Have a look on our page Installing fonts for a quick overview of installing our fonts on both Macintosh or PC work stations. 

For any further questions, either contact us or look at the provided links that go into more detail for each operating system.

Can I buy seperate weights or just a whole family of a typeface?


We offer both! If you want a specific weight, you can scroll to the bottom of each typeface page to see each style. We recommend buying the whole family though as you will get a significant price advantage and enjoy the benefits of the whole range of styles!

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