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Michael Parson

Michael Parson is the founder and sole designer behind Typogama. He was always passionate about drawing and spent many young hours crafting little, intricate sketches that he displayed proudly.


It was not before a typography course during his Graphic design studies that he discovered the digital possiblities that computers were offering, especially in type design and this quickly developed a serious case of typomania!

In his final year of school, Michael decided to work on a series of typeface researches that would become the foundation of Typogama. Intitally, this project was an exploration into type design and applications but over the years has grown into a more functional type foundry that focuses on creating high quality and original typefaces.


Michael currently runs Parson Research, a small design agency established in 2002 with local and international clients. He currently teaches two courses on Type Design and Branding at local design schools.

About the Designer

For any questions, feel free to email:

Postal address

Typogama / Parson Research

6 Rue de Fribourg, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone number

+41 (0)79 476 22 75

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