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The EULA (End User Licence Agreement) is the binding contract between you and us that details what uses are permitted with our typefaces. We aim to create fair Agreement's that allow you, as designers, a maximum amount of liberty while protecting our rights as creators. 

Contact us directly if you have any questions or comments on our Agreement.

EULA (End User Licence Agreement) Typogama
0 Prelude

This is a legally binding contract between You and Typogama.  


Terms in initial capitals bear the definition assigned to them in this contract (the “Contract”).  Under this Contract the end-user who signs the Contract (“You”, “Your”) receives a non-limited-right (the “Licence”, as further specified below) to use a specific digital file or files identified in the Contract (the “Files”) in exchange for the full and timely payment of a licence (the “Licence Fees”)


The Files contain font software (the “Software”) that is the intellectual property of and is owned by Typogama. The Licence grants You certain rights to use the Files and the Software and is not an agreement for sale or alienation of the font software or any portion of it, or of any intellectual property right associated with them, such as trade names. Typogama retains all other rights to the Files and the Software including the right to licence or alienate the Files and the Software to others on whatever terms it may see fit.

1 What uses are OK
What uses are OK

You can install and use the Files on up to four (4) computers at a single location or on Your personal portable computers. These computers can be connected to, and the Files used with, any number of output devices, such as a laser printer, ink jet printer, an imagesetter or a film recorder, but the Files may be downloaded to the memory (hard disk or RAM) of only one (1) output device for the purpose of having such Files remain resident in the output device. 

If You wish to download the Files to more than one output device or install it on more than four computers, this is only subject to express prior written agreement from Typogama.  Please contact Typogama for the conditions of an additional licence.


2 Embedding

You may embed the Files in documents, applications or devices either as a rasterized representation of the Files (e. g. PDF, SWF, TIF, GIF or JPEG) or as a subset of the Files as long as the document, application or device is distributed in a secure format that permits only the viewing and printing but not the editing of the text.

Uses are OK
3 Copies

You may make a backup copy of the Files for as long as the backups are stored on a secure server only accessible by You.


You may take a copy of the font(s) You have used for a particular file to a commercial printer or other service bureau, on the agreement that the particular Files will be destroyed after completion of the project. 

4 Uses are not OK
What uses are NOT OK

You are NOT allowed to adapt, translate, modify, decompile, disassemble, alter, reverse engineer, create derivative works or attempt to discover the source code of the Files.


You are NOT authorized to sublicense, sell, lend or lease the Files.


You may NOT modify or remove the name(s) of the Files, author’s signature, copyright and trademark notices from the original files.


If You wish to make modifications to the Files this is subject to the express, prior written agreement of Typogama. Please contact Typogama for the conditions of an additional licence.



Uses not OK
5 Transfer of rights
Transfer of Rights

You may transfer the Licence to a third party (the “Transferee”); provided that


(1) You transfer the Contract, the Files, and all original documentation provided to You by Typogama to the the Transferee,


(2) You immediately destroy all of Your copies of the Files, and


(3) the Transferee accepts in writing to be immediately legally bound by the Contract. 

Transfer of rights
6 Limited Warranty
Limited Warranty

For a period of thirty (30) days after delivery, Typogama warrants that the Files will perform in accordance with the specifications appended hereto as Appendix 1. Your exclusive remedy and the sole liability of Typogama in connection with the Files is repair, reimbursement or replacement of their defective parts within the thirty (30) day period after delivery. 

Limited Warranty
7 Disclaimer of Warranty
Disclaimer of Warranties

Typogama does not warrant the performance or results You may obtain by using the Files. The Limited Warranty in Article 7 above is Your sole and exclusive remedy for Typogama’s breach of warranty. Except for the foregoing limited warranty, Typogama makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to non-infringement of third-party rights, or fitness for any particular purpose.


Disclaimer of Warranty
8 Limitation of Liablity
Limitation of Liability

Except for cases where loss is caused by Typogama’s intentional or grossly negligent acts or omissions, Typogama’s liability is limited to the amount of the Licence Fees paid hereunder.

Limitation of Liablity
9 Termination

Typogama has the right to terminate the Licence immediately if You fail to comply with any terms of the Contract. Upon termination, You must destroy the original and any copies of the Files and any documentation received from Typogama related to the Files.

10 General Provision
General Provision

The Contract is governed by the laws of Switzerland. The courts of Geneva, Switzerland have exclusive jurisdiction, subject to ordinary recourse to the Swiss Supreme Court. 


11 Other

You acknowledge that You have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Contract.  


You agree to inform all users who have access to the Files about the content of the Contract and to make sure that they comply with the Contract.


This is the entire contract between You and Typogama.  


If You have any questions pertaining to the Contract, the Licence, the Files or any other matter related to the Files, please contact Typogama directly at:


Typogama / Parson Research

Rue de Fribourg, 6

1201 Geneva



Tel: (+)41 79 476 22 75 


General Provision
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